The development of digital & smart broadcast industry in Korea is with Aircode.


Aircode, the witness of Korean digital broadcasting offers the best solutions and services even in the era of smart media.

Long experience and know-how

  • The history of Korean media has been with Aircode.
  • Aircode has been developing interactive TV since the interest in the Internet and digital TV increased.
  • The era of smart media, Aircode has developed and implemented various partners and experimental services to examine which services are suitable for the smart media era.

System built for various platforms

  • Broadcasting services require uninterrupted 24-hour services.
  • Having developed all digital broadcasting including terrestrial, cable, IPTV and satellite, Aircode acquired the authenticated, stable, optimal experience through building a system that can match various platforms,
  • offering services and solutions that are one step ahead by securing smart media.

Harmonization of a system of efficient service production and solutions

  • Aircode is developing applications based on diverse service models instead of simple solutions by providers,
  • maximizing the mutual synergy between service development and solution development.

One-stop service support

  • From content production content transmission, we lead the field in complete, consistent smart broadcasting services.