The development of digital & smart broadcast industry in Korea is with Aircode.


Aircode's capabilities stem from its ceaseless R&D.

Aircode is a company that was created in the process of realizing/developing data broadcasting from within an analog TV environment.
Today's Aircode is the result of proactive R&D that was constantly implemented.

Aircode monitors changes in the media industry focusing on the DTV Research Institute, and is implementing ongoing R&D for solutions that make diverse content a reality in the near future. In many cases, the R&D at Aircode was performed together with the help of diverse partners such as broadcasting businesses/appliance companies/research institutes, and was achieved through the diverse standardization in Korea and overseas.

Buzzwords in the media environment today include, "UHD," "Big data," "individualization," and "virtualization."
To react to such demands, Aircode has focused on the following fields.

  • Media services in the cloud environment
  • UHDTV transmission technology (ATSC 3.0)
  • Service development using the collection of the meta-information of precision content
  • Service that uses the Hybrid Network and Multi-Screen

Registered patents (27)

  • Comprehensive two-way advertising system and method
  • Data broadcasting transmission system, transmission management device
  • Broadcasting transmission system and method
  • Data broadcasting content test system
  • The recording media the data broadcasting application saved and how to broadcast the data
  • The structured data broadcasting application, its recording medium, and how to operate it
  • The broadcasting transmission system and method, and the broadcasting reception device
  • Comprehensive data transmission device in the broadcasting transmission system
  • Data broadcasting system and its method for updating broadcasting receiver software
  • The transport stream transmission system and its method that makes it possible to designate the program timetable and slots for digital television
  • Additional data editing system and its method for data broadcasting
  • System offering a comprehensive service and its method for two-directional data broadcasting services
  • Data encoder and how to restore, and the broadcasting transmission system
  • Data broadcasting system and its method in variable bandwidth allocation mode
  • Information processing system for the electronic program guide
  • Reprocessing device for program input stream
  • Method of offering linked data broadcasting service using meta-data and the system that offers data broadcasting services
  • Transmission devices and methods for data broadcasting applications, and the broadcasting transmisison system
  • Mosaic EPG system and its methods
  • Data broadcasting application system and the data broadcasting method
  • Devices that offer personal authentication through two-way TV services and its methods
  • System of B2B e-commerce and its method based on data broadcasting and the network
  • Real-time data broadcasting system
  • Data broadcasting system and its control methods
  • Data broadcasting transmission/reception system and data broadcasting transmission/reception methods that use this system
  • Two-way data broadcasting system
  • PP real-time program information linking system and its method

Patents pending (4)

  • Broadcasting service system, client device and broadcasting service methods
  • Mobile commerce system and its method that links to real-time broadcasting
  • Broadcasting system and a method that integrates the signalling of the multiple AV encoder from the terrestrial UHD broadcasting service
  • Method of retransmission of the signal and ESG information from the terrestrial UHD broadcasting to regional broadcasting