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T-commerce cloud solutions

  • T-commerce cloud solutions can effectively change and expand T-commerce application.
  • Server virtualization provides flexible T-commerce service regardless of terminal type and performance, platform transmission environment.

Key Components

1. Service Control Server (SCS)
  • The system allocates and manages server that the TV Applications are connected.
  • Server resources are always managed to distribute server resources efficiently by allocating optimal servers when a large number of users are connected.
2. UI Generator Server (UGS)
  • The system that runs T-commerce server application to virtualize
3. Common UI Generator Server (CUG)
  • In order to efficiently operate network traffic and server resources, the system transmits service common data by the broadcasting network
4. Service Admin (Admin)
  • Management system for the cloud service
5. Lite Client Application (LC)
  • An Application for a set-top box that communicates with the server to expose the virtualized service screen to the user, and transmits the user's input to the server.


  • Lotte Home shopping, channel type T-commerce (CJ Hellovision, SKYLIFE, LGU+, KT)